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Breathe Life®

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Breathe Life® is a tribe of individuals coming together with one common goal: to change the world, beginning with our Miami community, one mass meditation at a time. Founded by Faheem Mujahid in 2000, Breathe Life believes that through Breathe we connect with Life in a greater capacity. Through Breathe Life® events, you will learn how to tap into what connects all of us and through breath we learn to discover ourselves. By showing up, you will learn the power of connection, appreciation for the value of modern mindfulness and how it can benefit you in the chaos and noise of today's modern world. Join us as we tap into the one universal truth that we are all connected and meet likeminded individuals from a variety of backgrounds trying to put Miami on the forefront of consciousness. 

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You are ONE. You are ONE uniquely beautiful individual bringing your own individual strengths and presence to the world. We celebrate you, as ONE, as well as the gifts that you bring to our Miami community. At the heart of our movement stems the desire to not only create a place for everyone to feel celebrated and honored but to also mindfully connect to the truth that everything begins with ONE and without ONE nothing is possible.  



A luxury few experience in today's modern world. We celebrate the QUIET because it is only in the truly QUIET moments that we discover ourselves. Our thoughts, our awareness, our lives are all awakened in the QUIET.  In the QUIET we reconnect with our deepest and truest self's allowing us to lead lives that are more aligned with our purpose and fulfillment. 



we have an undeniable connection and sense of belonging to one another. It's in our DNA. Breathe Life is about bringing our TRIBE of likeminded individuals together to be better for themselves and for their community. Our TRIBE is a place where we collectively come together to encourage one another through Breathe and through Life to have a deeper or more authentic connection with oneself which in turn strengthens our connection with one another. being human


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A moment with anchoring 6/4/22 

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