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Colleen Egan

         As an Integrative Health and Lifestyle Coach, 200HR YTT, Reiki Level 1 Practitioner, fitness enthusiast, and mindfulness warrior, Colleen has dedicated her life and career to empowering, educating and helping others cultivate a life filled with meaning, purpose and optimal health.


Colleen approaches health and wellness from a holistic perspective, meaning she takes into account all aspects of one’s lifestyle such as one’s relationships, career, spirituality, diet, physical activity as well as the quality of one’s emotions and mindset.


Through her “no-one-size-fits-all” coaching style, speaking engagements, and social media platforms, she teaches individuals how to cultivate habits that align with their conscious goals, build their mental and emotional stamina, consume more nutrient dense foods and move their body in a way that feels authentic to them.


She deeply believes that by sharing her knowledge in holistic and preventative health as well as guiding others along their path to optimal well-being, that it will create a ripple effect of positive energy that will ultimately help transform our world.


With a love for all things health and wellness, and as a life-long mover, Deanndria brings her background in Psychology, Public Health and fitness to her work. Hailing from the Midwest, and groomed in the South, she has a passion for helping others feel good in their bodies, to live better lives for themselves and their families. As a studio owner, mother and wife, she understands how important it is to maintain physical, mental and spiritual wellness to combat the chaos, and wants to help empower others to do the same. She believes that creating balance in one’s life is never a perfect ratio, but rather an ever-changing equation that adapts as one grows.

Deanndria Mujahid

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