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Welcome to the One Good Deed Challenge 

Our "One Good Dead" challenge is our way of encouraging/breathing more kindness and mindfulness into our Miami community. If you're familiar with the term "Pay it Forward" you're half-way there. The "One Good Dead" challenge is our way to rekindle to movement of kindness. Closely attached to our movement mindfulness is our ability to value the impact being of service to others have of our lives. The Breathe Life® team wanted to honor the intention of this idea while at the same time highlighting the larger movement of the Breathe Life® ethos. Each "One Good Dead" coin is identified by its number on the face of the coin (001). Once the coin is received through an "Act of Kindness"  we ask the recipient to log the coin number into the submit box along with details about the "Act of Kindness" that brought the coin to you. 






1. Take your coin with you. 

2. Once a giving moment presents itself, act in kindness. 

3. Upon sharing in your "Act of Kindness" give the coin to the person you acted kindly towards. 

4. Lovingly encourage the recipient to visit the website 

5. Continue the Kindness Movement. 






How it Works 

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